Books Take You to a Whole New World, Not Like Movies
Books Take You to a Whole New World, Not Like Movies
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Books Take You to a Whole New World, Not Like Movies


I always thought that movies were more colorful and meaningful than books. Why read a sci-fi book when you can watch it on a screen with spectacular effects? It takes less time and is easier to follow and understand. This was my opinion about books before I realized how different books can be from screening. I had no idea about how wrong my perceptions about reading books were. Now, I can’t help but agree with the quote by Groucho Marx : “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book”. People who have read a book and seen the film adaptation, mostly prefer the books. Most of my friends find the book ‘Harry Potter’ more breathtaking and fascinating than the movie. For me the eye-opening story was, ‘Twilight’ the #1 best-selling movie in 2009. Of course, as most people I watched the movie first and fell in love with the beautiful story that seemed to be against natural laws. Not only the intriguing plot, but also the special effects, as the superspeed of characters and their abnormal features or appearance, were clearly my favorite parts of the movie. So, I guessed this must have been the reason why this movie was so popular. When I first saw the book, ‘Twilight’ I expected nothing new except maybe some scenes that had been cut out or changed in the film adaptation. But the subjective point of view in the book gave me total comprehension about the characters’ behavior and actions. The plot begins with the main female character’s, Bella’s, view of the world around her. It gives you details of all her thoughts and feelings towards others and her lover. I felt much more emotion and empathy from the first-person imagery in the book than from the movie. Reading also gave me the chance to relate the story to my own life or to see everything with my own perspective. Particularly, reading the word ‘I’, gave the sense that the main character of the story was not Bella but me. Of course, fiction can be written subjectively, or adapted into film objectively. It is purely a matter of what is appealing to our taste and preference. Books give you a unique opportunity to live through a character and see their life through their eyes, being in their shoes for a moment, only to return to your real life as a different person because of the experience. There are, in contrast, only few movies that can accomplish a similar feat.





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