Healthy Campus Life with CBNU Sports Facilities!
Healthy Campus Life with CBNU Sports Facilities!
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Healthy Campus Life with
CBNU Sports Facilities!

How often do you exercise? Several studies have shown that exercise is helpful for academic performance. So, many universities are making efforts to expand their physical education facilities. There are various sports facilities on the CBNU campus, but a lot of people don't know where they are, nor how to use them. We are going to introduce you to the various sports facilities at CBNU and tell you where and how to use them. Let's look at the sports facilities that are essential for a healthy school life.


Tennis Courts

• Opening Hours: 06:00 – 21:00
• Facility Management
- Headquarters (1995): (063-270-2167, 063-270-2015)
- College of Agriculture Life Science (1999): (063-270-4952)
- College of Veterinay Medicine: (063-850-0906)
- School of Medicne (2009): (063-270-3055)
• How to Use: Fill out and submit an application for use
• Fee: school members(free), non-school members (3,000 Won per hour)
There are four tennis courts on campus, from University administration headquarters to the College of Agricultural Life Science, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Medical School.
The service hours are from 06:00-21:00, when the lights go out. The tennis court is open to school members for free, while outsiders are charged 3,000 Won per hour. The headquarters tennis court has a total of 12 courts, consisting of nine artificial courts and three clay courts.


Golf Learning Center

• Opening Hours: Summer (06:00 - 21:00), Winter (07:00 - 20:00)
• Facility Management: Golf Learning Center (063-270-2851) & Department of Athletics (063-270-2015)
• How to Use: Fill out and submit an application for use; deposit into account
• Fee: faculty member (60,000 Won per month), student (40,000 per month)
The Golf Learning Center is comprised of sports facilities that are used for general elective classes, RC (Residential College) events and other forms of training. Because summer and winter operating hours vary depending on the season, be sure to check the operating hours.



• Opening Hours: 09:00 - 21:00 on weekdays, prior approval needed on weekends
• Facility Management: Department of Athletics (063-270-2015)
• How to Use - For School Members: Submit sports facility application form to the Department of Athletics * If using for a longer period, attach an event plan - For Non-school Members: Visit the Department of Athletics and draw up a contract. Usage of facilities is available ONLY after making the deposit.
School members are regarded preferentially if reservations are overlapped. Also, to use the ping-pong room on the 3rd floor, you must get a permission from the Dean of the Department of Sport Science, because the table tennis table belongs to the Department of Sport Science.


Playgrounds (Large & Small)


• Opening Hours: 21:00(Lights-out, can be different for different situations)
• Facility Management: Law School Fitness Center (063-270-2167) & Department of Athletics (063-270-2015)
• How to Use
- For School Members (Students, Professors, Staff): Download the ‘Sport facility application form’ from the school announcement on the website and submit it to the Department of Athletics * If using for longer periods, attach an event plan.
- For Non-school Members: Visit Department of Athletics and draw up a contract. Public use of facilities is available after making a deposit.

Perhaps, the small and large playgrounds may be the most well-known sports facilities, since many school events are held here. You can see a sign saying to avoid using small playgrounds before replacing the tracks since lead on the tracks exceeded more than the standard. The Department of Athletics is continuously replacing it, though it is quite difficult to do. The construction budget is too high, and there isn’t a proper alternative space if construction is in progressed. Due to these reasons, repairing of the small playground is still postponed.


Fitness Center

• Opening Hours: Dormitory: Mon-Fri (17:00-23:00), Law school: Mon-Fri (09:00-21:00)
• Facility Management: Chambitgwan: (063-219-7001), Saebitgwan: (063-219-7006) Law school: (063-270-266)
• How to Use: Fill out and submit an application for use; deposit into account • Fee: Dormitory residents: free, Law school: faculty members (20,000 Won per month), student (15,000Won per month)
There are three fitness centers: The two dormitory fitness centers are located in Chambitgwan and Saebitgwan. The dormitory fitness centers are open only to residents of the dormitory, and admission is possible only when you wear indoor sneakers. There is one fitness center at the Law School. The Law School fitness center is open to all members.
It is available at a monthly rate. It cannot be used on weekends and holidays, nor can it be used by outsiders.


We asked 105 CBNU students about sports facilities at CBNU. 35.2% of the respondents said that sports facilities in CBNU aren’t well known to students. Moreover, 34.3% answered that facilities are too deteriorated. Student A said, ‘Shower facilities at the Law School fitness center are too old to use. Also, the playground at the small stadium seems to need repair.’ Likewise, significant numbers of students don’t even know what kind of facilities are on campus, and how to use them. Even if they know about them, they hesitate to use them because they are too deteriorated. These negative situations should be improved immediately so that more CBNU students can use them freely, especially with winter around the corner. Maximizing the chances of using sports facilities in school could lead to much healthier students!

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