Several Decades Ago: September & October
Several Decades Ago: September & October
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Several Decades Ago:
September & October

Have you ever thought of what happened several decades ago? We usually forget about the past, while living in the present and dreaming of a better future. However, the basic reason we have the present and the future is because we have a history. If you study and think about history and what has happened in the past several decades, you can discover that a lot of historical events critically influence the present. So let's take a step back into the past now to see what historical events took place in September and October.

First Women’s Permission on Voting

In the 19th century, the Netherlands was one of the most politically leading democratic country in the world. With several limitations, men started to vote since 1853 and since 1879, all male adults started to vote. It was usual for men to have the right to vote, but for women, it took a long time and continuous effort to get it. Since 1860s, women started to vote in local election, but there limitations in major elections. In 1870s, were almost earned right to vote for parliamentary elections, but they failed. Then finally in 1893, for the first time in the whole world, women got complete right to vote.
After then, Finland, the United States and England gave women a right to vote, in the early 20th century. In Korea, since mid-20th century all women earned equal right as men, including right to vote.

September 11 Attacks

The 9/11 terror attacks were caused by four organized aircraft hijackings, which were planned through an Islamist terror organization called Al Qaeda. Two attacks happened in New York City: American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, which hit the 110-story North and South towers of the World Trade Center. The towers collapsed less than 110 minutes after the initial impact. American Airlines Flight 77 simultaneously crashed into the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, which as a result partially collapsed to the west side. Additionally, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The attacks killed 2,977 people and injured more than 6,000 people, and the damage cost at least 10 billion U.S. dollars. After the terrorist attacks, the U.S. established the Department of Homeland Security. In main tour sites, guards and police now check all personal belongings, and in airports, the TSA and U.S. customs were strengthened. The collapsed World Trade Center was reconstructed as One World Trade Center in November of 2014, and it is adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.


Incheon Landing Operation

The Battle of Incheon occurred on the 15th of September, 1950 in the middle of the Korean War, under the code name “Operation Chromite”. On June 25th, the North Korean army invaded the South, capturing Seoul within just three days. On July 7th, the UN army in support of the South, was established, consisting of soldiers from 16 UN member-countries, with General MacArthur leading the US contingent. While preparing the “Operation Chromite,” most of the participating forces, except General Mac Arthur, opposed to propose operation because of the narrow waterway and the time limit for the operation conducive to the sea level change, which was about 2 hours. The probability of success was small, only one in 5000. However, General MacArthur chose to continue with “Operation Chromite” because of the un-likelihood of success. He thought that, since the chances of succeeding were too small, the North Korean Army wouldn’t even consider the operation. It was the epoch-making event to lead South Korea to earn current territory from the Korean War.



15th Of October, The University Anniversary

Hangeul Proclamation Day

Did you know that Hangeul Day is observed on different dates in North and South Korea? We celebrate Hangeul Proclamation Day on October 9th, the day when King Sejong distributed the Hangeul language to his citizens. In North Korea, Hangeul Day is remembered on January 15th, when King Sejong created Hangeul. Since Korea gained independence from Japan in 1948, the Korean government designated Hangeul Day as a national holiday. However, since 1990, because of too many holidays that could hinder economic development, Hangeul Day became a non-red-holiday on the Korean calendar. This observance was in effect for over 20 years, until 2012, when it was re-established as an observed national holiday, to inform local and global societies about the presence of this ingenious and scientific creation.
Let’s not forget to fly the flag on Hangeul Day, and reconsider the importance of Hangeul and its greatness!


Foundation of the United Nations (UN)

In 1945, after World War II, the UN officially came into existence on October 24th. starting with 51 original member countries signing the agreement and five permanent ratifying nation : China, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Russia, which also form the security council. It was originally established to stop the war and get conversation negotiation between countries, and replace the role of the League of Nations.
Over time, the UN gained worldwide attention and power, including a United Nations International Force comprised of soldiers from member states, allowing it to expand to its present nation membership with a total 193 countries. Nowadays, the UN is making an enormous effort to maintain the world as a peaceful one. The main offices, include the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice. The main agencies of the United Nations, that all of us may have heard of, are the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, UNICEF and more with a total of 15 agencies as of August, 2018.
All main offices and agencies are helping the member countries of the UN continue develop into peaceful, secure, and healthy nations and developing countries, or those in the midst of a civil war, have also been helped by the wealthier and more established nations.
Headquarters of the UN is located in New York, and the main offices are located in several other countries including Vienna, Austria and Geneva, Switzerland.

Now since you’ve learned about the historical facts related to September and October, what do you think about history? The peaceful life that you are living right now, came from the history that our ancestors experienced. In a well-known Korean proverb, we say ‘we see as much as we know’. If you know more history, it will help you see more clearly the history that is happening right around you today. Try to accomplish something small every day, it soon becomes a large thing, which could become a part of history in the future. Imagine yourself influencing the world, and writing a new page in the history books! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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