What’s Your Dream?
What’s Your Dream?
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What’s Your Dream?


A dream is not just something you want to do. Rather, a dream is something that may seem unattainable, but really is, if you pursue it hard enough and believe with faith and trust, you can make your dream a reality. As young adults, many of you probably have a dream or two. 


Often in life, we are influenced by people around us. When we surround ourselves with positive, active, encouraging, and loving people, living to see our dreams may seem easier than if we are in a non-nurturing environment. Parents have a big impact on our individual development.  They have a responsibility to raise us in such a way that prepares us to be independent adults by the time we enter university; that we are able to work towards something we desire, to experience the feeling of achievement. Teachers, from elementary school to university, also play a large role: in molding our minds; challenging us to think critically about the world in which we live today; posing questions about things we are curious about; and pursuing finding an answer or a solution to a problem. Our siblings, friends, and upperclassmen at university, may also fulfill a mentor-type role.


Having a network of people you are comfortable sharing your dreams with, is crucial to reaching them.  Seeking them for advice or comfort in times of need is a wise thing to do, too. There may be some risk in sharing ideas with friends and acquaintances without consideration, so you must exercise discernment in choosing with whom to share your dreams.


Writing down your dreams in a notebook, or making a ‘dream board,’ using pictures from magazines showing you dream car, how you want your dream house to look, or which countries you want to visit, will provide a visual stimulus for attaining your dream. Developing a timeline and sharing it with a close friend, can help you stay on track and be accountable.


In America, there’s something called the ‘American Dream.’  Surely, many of you have heard of this phenomenon. It’s an ideal that is not easily attained in America these days, as many young adults graduate from university, burdened with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. Yet, they never let go of their dreams, whatever they may be. Can you think of young women and men sharing about how they made their dreams a reality? Have you heard of TED Talks, “Ideas worth spreading”? TED Talks are short to medium length talks by inspirational people, individuals who want to share their ideas and have a platform to do just that. Check them out, if you haven’t yet.


These are all examples of dreams becoming reality. Have you heard the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I am a strong believer in this. Are you? Do you believe that there is a way to really achieve something that seems almost impossible? I challenge you to think about your dreams and how you will ‘catch’ them.


Just remember, realizing your dreams does not happen overnight. It takes time, perseverance, determination, and hard work to get where you want to be in life, one step at a time. You cannot simply buy your dreams; you must work to achieve them. Life is not easy; when it hands you lemons, make lemonade. Whatever your dream may be, don’t let it remain just a dream. Make it a reality in your life. You can do it!

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