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Yummy Trail
CBNU Tasty Road: Chinese Food
Are you ready to try a course of delicious food? Do you like Chinese food? More importantly, are you aware that there ar
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Museums in Jeonju, Masterpieces Journey
Do you have any memories about the place where your parents placed you for education? Do you remember the field trips yo
Wired Up and Forward
One of the things differentiating humans from animals is that we have plenty of totally different ways to communicate: f
Let’s be a Smart Part-Time Job Seeker!
Second semester lectures have begun as autumn comes closer to us. Are you planning to greet this new semester with somet
Development Becomes Fear; Chemophobia
We live in the ‘Era of Chemical products’. Most of the stuff we use in our daily lives is the result of chem
Youth, Let’s Leave to Mongolia in Full of Love!
From June 25th to July 10th, I was in Mongolia to experience something special, ‘Global Volunteering’. At fi
Campus News
CBNU Opens Garden Experience Program
CBNU Holds Meeting for Student Employment
Startup Support Center Helps Local SMB to Export
CBNU Abroad
Life in the U.K.
Speaking a second language has become the most basic skill in Korea. Of course at the front line there is ‘English
The Help beyond Distance Is Honored beyond Time
What words come to mind when you hear Ethiopia? Probably, it is poverty. Though the whole world thinks about Ethiopia in

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