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Yummy Trail
CBNU Yummy Trail: Japanese Food
Yoon Ji-in Reporter What is the most important factor when you choose from a menu? Is it taste or plating? This time, th
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Made in KOREA
Roh Kyu-lee, Park Yang-geon Reporters Do you know Gangnam style? Do you know Kimchi and Bibimbap? Until now, many Korean
Are You An Objector or An Objector of Objection?
Kwon Jong-hwan Reporter ● Concern of Every Fresh’man’ Almost every male university student in Korea has one common conce
Unlocking Bio Strategy
Yan Natalya, Reporter The first biometric passport was issued in Malaysia in 1998. Just 20 years passed before it became
Share Your Love with Christmas Seals
Hong Sammy Reporter In the early 20th Century, after the English industrial revolution, tuberculosis prevailed in Denmar
Campus News
CBNU Students Win Prize at 6th K-Hackathon
CBNU Attracts International Students in Thailand
CBNU Museum Exhibits Joseon Royal Literature
Curator Lee Jong-cheol Receives Grand Award
CBNU Rewards Winners of Literature Award
CBNU Abroad
My Heart-Warming Experiences in France and Morocco
Thanks to a program called ‘off-campus’ at CBNU, I was able to have the chance to study in France as well as
Smaller and Portable Device Makes People Convenient
Kwon Sho-young Reporter Lee Do-hee, a doctoral student of CBNU, has developed a light and portable radiation device that

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