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Yummy Trail
CBNU Tasty Road: Western Food
Tasty day, everyone! Are you spending your summer vacation valuably? Some might spend...
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
We Are Rewriting Our History
What does the ‘70th-year’ mean to you? It may be a very short time in the history of mankind, but it seems to be a long...
Drive on the Future!
Kindergarten teachers make kids draw fantastic future cars to foster their creativity. Science-fiction writers give...
Take A Small Fiesta in A Day, Siesta
The crucial heat of the sun and humidity from the rainy season torture us and make us tired. To escape from this fatigue...
Feel the CBNU Life through Daedong Festival!
From May 23 to May 25, the Daedong Festival was held. The Daedong Festival is an annual event on the CBNU campus, where...
Campus News
CBNU Law School Holds Ceremony of Hanok Precompletion
CBNU Succeeds in the Young CEO Free Market
CBNU holds Children’s Day Festival
CBNU Nurtures Big Data Talented Young Students
CBNU Chosen for Business R&D Industrial Internship
CBNU Abroad
Challenge Yourself in China!
Which language is the most used in the world? It is Chinese. The reason why more people speak Chinese than English...
Encourage Your Critical Thinking!
Everyone knows that a person is happy when he (she) does his (her) favorite job, but a person whose job is related to...

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