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Essay Contest
The 35th English Essay C...
1st. Yu Ri (the Faculty of International Studies) Winning the first prize of the 35th CBNU Essay Contest is a great honour fo...
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Color Makes Our Life More Colorful!
Isn’t it horrible thinking about red bananas and blue oranges? Our brains have an image that “a banana is yellow” that w
Adventurers Who Get Out of the Campus
A university student, both in name and reality, can learn from the real world outside of school. CBNU has contributed to
The Dorm is Not Just a Place for Sleep
“There is no end to learning.” This is a famous quotation which shows we have much to learn. So where should students lo
The Inescapable Web, Webtoon!
We usually call Autumn the season of reading. These days many people read comic books more than stories such as novels,
Campus News
CBNU GTEP Holds Export Conference
Echo Housing Gets Grand Prize at Wood Contest
CBNU Holds International Exchange Festival
CBNU Ranked as Top Innovative University in Asia
CBNU Wins 2nd in QS National University Rankings
Do It Yourself
Keep Your Winter Memory
What is your favorite season? If you like winter, why do you like this season? Maybe it is because of snow. Winter is ve
Native column
Winning Essays
The selection committee has gone through processes to select three essays as winners of this year’s CBNU GLOBE Essay Contest....

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