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Maturity Moving beyond G...
CBNU has been selected as the best university by the Ministry of Education (MOE) since 2008 in terms of contributing to norma...
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Money, money, money
We always use money to buy goods and services. Without monetary transactions, it is hard to live. This means money has a
The Sweetness in Success
While living, we take part in many challenges. Some of them are created by ourselves and are participated in actively. S
Smile like the Happiest Person in the World!
I decided to go Cambodia for volunteering because of my major class. I filled out global volunteer application form afte
We All Dream of Mongolia!
Mongolia was interesting country. I was always wondering how the bus drivers navigated because there were only grassland
Dribble + Pass + Shoot = Soccer!
Among many sports in the world, soccer is considered one of the best to people. Do you like soccer? Which team do you li
Campus News
CBNU Makes Great Progress in Nurturing Engineers
CBNU announced the progress of “The Fourth Odysseus Project” on July 15th. This project was made to find talented high s
CBNU Museum Discovers Remains of Later Three Kingdoms
In 2015, CBNU museum found a Post Baek-je temple field in Wanju-gun. What’s more, the museum recently discovered remains
CBNU Ranks Best for Attracting International Students
Recently, CBNU was rated as the best university for attracting and managing international students among the domestic un
CBNU Holds College Department Experience
CBNU Fosters Students Customized in New & Renewable Energy Industry
CBNU Raises Adventurous Students through Off Campus Program
Do It Yourself
Make Your Bubble Bubble!
Did you eat a delicious holiday meal on Chuseok? Making delicious holiday meals needs a lot of oil. But after making the
Following the native
The Myth and Reality of ...
Are you planning to spend the summer learning English? Maybe you will attend graduate school, work in a business, or do some ...

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