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Do Not Be Afraid to Face...
Are you interested in building up your body this summer? Then focus on this interview. We interviewed a bodybuilder, Song You...
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Broadcast Yourself with YouTube!
What site do you use when you watch videos online? Tumblr? Facebook? There is one online community that gets over one hu
The Sweetness in Success
While living, we take part in many challenges. Some of them are created by ourselves and are participated in actively. S
Smile like the Happiest Person in the World!
I decided to go Cambodia for volunteering because of my major class. I filled out global volunteer application form afte
We All Dream of Mongolia!
Mongolia was interesting country. I was always wondering how the bus drivers navigated because there were only grassland
Look Inside the Campus!
Keun Saram Educational Development Institute (KEDI) is running a variety of institutions and programs for improving stud
Campus News
CBNU Students Receive Startup Contest Awards
CBNU Takes 6th Place in “Top 1% Most Frequently Cited”
CBNU GTEP Students Make Way to Export
CBNU President Lee Nam-ho Emphasizes Adventurous Mind
Professor Kim Cheol-sang Creates Nano Membrane
Do It Yourself
Fresh Drink for Your Fresh Summer!
Hot summer is here again! People get tired easily and lose their appetites at this time. Then, eat fruits which are rich
Following the native
The Myth and Reality of ...
Are you planning to spend the summer learning English? Maybe you will attend graduate school, work in a business, or do some ...

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