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Photo Diary
Spread Your Book Spirit!
Many people say that autumn is a good season to read a book. If there is a book to add sensitivity to your heart, moving
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Fall, What a Perfect Season to Go on a Book Hunt!
Shin Yong-ho, the founder of Kyobo Book Centre, said, "Man makes a book, and a book makes a man." The means that a book
Are You Sick of Being a Model Student?
Then Go Adventure!
If you live a boring, routine life, would it be fun to live more fully? Being a university student means that you can li
Pojangmacha: The Memory Keeper
Do you have any experience of eating snacks at a pojangmacha with your friends? In the cold winter, it is a felicitous c
Surprising Bank’s New Face
Originally, people had to visit a bank to do something. However, as the internet and mobile phone technologies developed
Campus News
CBNU President Lee Nam-ho Meets Students
Hammy Yummy Celebrates Topping Out
CBNU Research Team Receives Attention
Professor Hong Bong-geon Wins Best Thesis Award
CBNU Publishes Collections of Award Winning Literary Works
Journey of 70 Years
Congratulations Happy 70th Birthday!
In celebration of its 70th anniversary, with local residents, CBNU held interesting events which looked back on educatio
Native Column
Freedom, Our Precious Power!
Freedom is defined as the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action. It is also defined as a lack

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