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Yummy Trail
Have You Ever Visited CBNU Restaurants?
Greetings to all CBNU students! It is nice to meet you again in the Yummy Trail section. We hope that you have enjoyed s
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
They Are Disposable, But Not Sustainable
We have been living with mass production and consumption since the industrial revolution. With the development of scienc
Home Smart Home
When we live in homes, we try to make our homes cozy and comfortable for ourselves. These days, smart home technology ma
Type… Oh!
Are you misprint-susceptible? What about a mistype the CBNU Globe team made on the cover page of the previous issue? In
Campus News
Business Incubator Makes Export Opportunity
CBNU Fosters Young Technology Experts
Geonji Square Opens New Era as Most Korean Campus
Students in Off-Campus Program Shares Experiences
Veterinarian Kim Hyung-nyun Shows Continuous Love to CBNU
CBNU Opens ‘Shim Cheon Hakdang’
The 37th English Essay Contest
Does Only an Early Bird Catch a Worm?
There is an expression 'an early bird catches a worm.' This expression is widely used to mean that a diligent person can
Changing the Seen Using the Unseen
Do you know the meaning of ‘polymer’? It’s a compound word made up of ‘poly’ meaning many

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