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Shooting an Arrow, Korean Traditional Archery Tournament Winners
Shooting an Arrow, Korean Traditional Archery Tournament Winners Yan Natalya, Reporter Korean traditional sports go far

Cover story
Untact : Shortcut to A
Disconnected Future

Hong Sammy & Park Yang-geon Reporters

A student of CBNU helps himself to lu...
Fill Up That Back Seat!

Yan Natalya, Editor

“When you ride ALONE, you ride with Hitler!” stateda poster used...
Having Peace Will Bring You Happiness

Yoon Ji-in Reporter

Have you ever heard of ‘sohwakhaeng(小確幸)’, meaning..
What is Your Happiness in Your Dormitory Life?

Reporter, Kwon Sho-young

Dormitory people! Who among you are planning to...
Campus News
You Know What?
Fragrance of Late Spring in Jeonbuk
On campus
As A Pioneer in New Siberia, Novosibirsk
CBNU Abroad
My Heart-Warming Experiences in France and Morocco
Thanks to a program called ‘off-campus’ at CBNU, I was able to have the chance to study in France as well as
Help end world hunger
Yummy Trail
CBNU Yummy Trail: Japanese Food
Yoon Ji-in Reporter What is the most important factor when you choose from a menu? Is it taste or plating? This time, th
Word Game!
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