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Photo Diary
Show Your Cool Summer!
“Fight the heat with the heat” has always been one of the Korean traditions as a way to stand the heat. In this way, peo
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Silence of Air, Fine Dust
You can see the people who wear masks in the spring, yellow dust season. However, recently, many people use masks even....
Look inside the Campus! - CBNU Academic CLUB
Black & White Stone, Cosmos, Baenanghana, CPU, Heungsadahn. Can you guess what clubs we will introduce this time?
Let’s Be Fans of Hand Fans
How do you protect yourself from summer heat? Of course, you can avoid heat at summer resorts or health resorts.
Robots Are No Longer a Future Story!
Can you remember awesome robots on television and in the movies? Robots we imagine may feel like they are far in the...
Campus News
CBNU Students Awarded in International Contest
CBNU Launches Inno Polis Campus Corporation
CBNU Leads 4th Industrial Revolution
CBNU Wins the National University Competition
Journey of 70 Years
70 Years of CBNU, 70 Years of Research
University is a great mechanism which consists of plenty of screws and gear wheels making it work to provide education.....
Native Column
Freedom, Our Precious Power!
Freedom is defined as the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action. It is also defined as a lack

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