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Photo Diary
Spread Your Book Spirit!
Many people say that autumn is a good season to read a book. If there is a book to add sensitivity to your heart, moving
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Hangeul, How Glorious!
Hangeul is the Korean alphabet that people use to read and write in Korean. Some people misunderstand that King Sejong...
Show Yourself to Us! - CBNU Visual Media Clubs
We have lots of chances to experience exhibitions in many ways and through various kinds of mediums like books, movies,
Do You Want a Cup of Tea?
When you think about black tea, what comes to your mind? You may think of nobles having tea time in England or some expe
Your Choice Is Always Right!
Have you said or heard “maybe” or “I don’t know” a lot when you were with your friends in simple situations such as choo
Campus News
CBNU DRAU Promotes Excellence in Jilin, China
Professor Lee Dong-won Develops Nano Medicine
CBNU Start-up Support Center Holds Free Market
Lee Yong-jae Donates 500 Million Won
Journey of 70 Years
70 Energetic Years of CBNU!
It is important to study hard as a university student, since we entered CBNU to study more about subjects .....
Native Column
Freedom, Our Precious Power!
Freedom is defined as the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action. It is also defined as a lack

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