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Yummy Trail
CBNU Tasty Road: Korean Food
Tasty day, everyone! Greetings for a new semester, are you eating tasty...
Word Game!
Help end world hunger
Cover story
Am I Wandering? Sophomore Slump
Spring is rampant in the air. Also, our new year of university is rampant. Do you worry about your major is not your taste? Or are you so tired that you just want to rest because of...
For Our Secure Future
Have you ever thought about the technology of the future? Will the high-technology be a threat or help people in future?...
Hey! What Time Is It?
Meimankulova Nazbiike, Reporter How many times have you checked the clock today? As we all know, the first thing we do e...
Tiny Flying Avatars, Drones
Roh Kyu-lee Reporter Have you seen the TV show My Ugly Duckling? Kim Gun-mo, who is the person on-air on My Ugly Ducklin...
Campus News
CBNU Starts Labor-Management Relations Manpower Training
CBNU Students Awarded by CORE
CBNU Turns 85 Non-Regular Workers into Regular Workers
CBNU College of Engineering Collaborated with KESCO
CBNU CK-1 Encouraging Students Project Gets Good Results
CBNU Abroad
La Vida Es Una
Park Do-young Department of Spanish & Latin American studies I want to share my precious life in Almeria, Spain by being...
Taking Only Hands Worldwide: Professor Lee Hak-kyo
Bang Do-won, Reporter CBNU has recently opened a restaurant Only Hands under the leadership of Professor Lee Hak-kyo in...

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